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AECOM has been Awarded 2 Passenger Railway Contracts in India

13 April 2009 Monday, 12:15
Sydney Metro

Los Angles based AECOM Technology Corp has recently been awarded two passenger railway contracts in India for a total of $50m.

The two contracts will cover work on the passenger railways services connecting the cities of Chennai and Kolkata. AECOM will complete projects totalling $30m as part of the $3bn Chennai Metro project, which includes two rail lines spanning approximately 28 miles, as well as 36 stations and a depot.

The company will complete another $20m-worth of work as part of the $1bn Kolkata Metro Rail project, which encompasses work on the Kolkata East-West line covering approximately 11 miles through the city centre and 12 stations.

Both projects are scheduled for completion in 2015.

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