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25 December 2011
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TMH Service LLC and RZD Made a Service Contract for 5046 locomotives

LCC TMH-Service, a service company, being an affiliated company to JSC Transmashholding, made a new service contract to maintain the locomotives owned by JSC Russian Railways in 2012. A total scope of TMH-Service under the contract is 5046 locomotives.

Serviced fleet scope has increased 4 times (from 1236 units) when compared to 2011 scope. The fleet under service of TMH-Service personnel next year is made of practically all mass-produced locomotive types that are operated in Russian railways.

The scope includes electrical locomotives EP10, 2ES4К, EP2К, 2ES5К, 3ES5К, E5К, VL80S, 1,5VL80S, VL65, VL85, EP1, EP1М, EP1P, ChS2Т, ChS4Т, ChS6, ChS7, ChS200; diesel locomotives 2TE1010МК, 3TE10МК, 3TE10МКО, 3TE10UК, 3TE10UКО, 2TE116, 2TE116U, TEP70, TEM18D, TEM18DM, TEP70BS, М62, 2М62, 3М62.

TMH-Service performance in 2010 and 2011 has proven high efficiency of authorized maintenance services. Technical availability of the fleet has increased at the average by 7,5 %, and more than 100 hours of operational availability were created at Q2 & Q3 of 2011 only.

Authorized maintenance service will be performed at the basis of existing and reopened service centers. Today TMH-Service has business units in Bratsk (TChR-18 Bratskoye maintenance depot), Nizhneudinsk (TChR-2 Nizhneudinsloye maintenance depot), as well as West Siberian Depot (TChR-5 Inskaya), Western Depot (TChR-33 Velikolukskoye), Far Eastern Depot (TChR-38 Primorskoye), Privolzhsky Depot (TChR-5 Sarepta) and Northwestern Depot (TChR-9 St. Pet- Vitebsky). Moreover, a branch was established in Mongolia to provide warranty maintenance services for the rolling stock products delivered to Ulaanbaatar railway. Besides, two new branches are opened: Amursky Depot (TChR-36 Northern Tynda) and Southern Depot (TChR-19 Rossosh-Passazhirskaya). These two new branches will start servicing of new locomotive fleet in the beginning of 2012.


Source & Photo :TMH

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